Daily Fantasy Crypto Challenges


Why Red Fog?

Red Fog offers real-time cryptocurrency trading games to players around the world.
We strive to help mature the asset class by lowering the barriers to entry for thousands of new participants.


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How to get started

Play & Earn Fog Tokens by entering daily fantasy cryptocurrency challenges
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    Create an account by clicking the register tab.

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    Choose a challenge in the Play page and pick your favorite cryptocurrencies.

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    Rank up and win Fog Tokens that can be used to redeem for prizes in the store.

Monitor your campaign progress, token balance, results, and redeem prizes
Multiple game formats are available
Check your recent game results by visiting your Profile page

Benefits of playing Red Fog

Red Fog gives you exposure to crypto without holding coins

Exposure to crypto without holding any coins

Gain even when crypto markets are down

Gain even when crypto markets are down

Win prizes in global tournaments

Win prizes in global tournaments

You can win playing Red Fog, even if you don't place first

Don't need to finish first to win

Short duration games means no commitment

1-Day / 1-Week games means no commitment

Show off your crypto skills on Red Fog

Show off your crypto skills

Claim prizes with Fog Tokens

Fog Tokens can be exchanged for prizes
Win free Bitcoin
12,000 Fog Tokens
$100 worth of Bitcoin (BTC)
Win a Samsung TV
39,000 Fog Tokens
Samsung 55" UHD 4K Smart TV
Win an Amazon Gift Card
10,000 Fog Tokens
$100 Amazon Gift Card

Player Testimonials

"Red Fog is a whole new way to experience to cryptocurrency markets. It'll have as big of an impact as DraftKings did with sports."
"Winner of $100 Amazon Gift Card"
"Great way to learn and follow crypto markets without the need to buy bitcoin or altcoins. No more FOMO!"​
"Level 0 Challenge winner. 1.92% Return won 500 Fog Tokens"


Introducing Red Fog

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