How to Play

How to join a contest and tips to winning, unlocking new levels and achievements!

Create an Account – Navigate to the register tab on the header and fill out the information required.  Once you submit your registration you will receive a confirmation email (check spam if not sent to inbox). When you register, , you will receive welcome Fog Tokens.

Fog Tokens – Used to buy into games. Token balance increases based on winning games and awards.  If balance is low, users can purchase more tokens in the game store. 

Enter Contest – Join a game from the game lobby.  Games are sorted by skill level. Players’ ranks determine their eligibility to play games.

Game features vary in each level such as, available coins, portfolio size, duration and buy-in/ prize.

Strategy & Research – Check out the coin stats and performance that is provided by clicking on the coin’s name.  Be sure to scan the latest news from CryptoPanic.


Create A Portfolio – Select your coins from the available market by clicking on the coin’s icon.  Portfolio size and number of available coins vary based on level.  Players then determine their weight (confidence) for each coin, proportionally.

Note: Total portfolio allocation must equal 100%
Track Performance – Follow the action live on desktop, mobile web, and the RED FOG crypto telegram channel to see how your portfolio is doing.  Compare your portfolio to others in the contest and track your return.
Follow progress in real-time

Follow Your Progress –  Reach the next level in Campaign Mode and unlock new coins to use in your portfolio.  Players can track their progress in their profile page.

With every player you outperform in a game, the closer you get to the next level!

Rank Up – Playing and winning contests is the secret to leveling up and unlocking new coins, game features and achievements.  Players will earn an upgraded level badge that signifies experience.

Rank 3 - unlocked - 200x200
Earn Fog – Accumulate Fog Tokens as you play in contests.  Fog Token awards increase as you level up to higher buy-in contests.  Fog can be redeemed in the store for prizes.
Buy Red Fog Tokens to win prizes
RF Rewards
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