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A social cryptocurrency fantasy league. Our mission is to help you learn about the market – whether you just heard of Bitcoin or you mentored Satoshi Nakimoto.

First you research and select your favorite coins from the available pool to create a portfolio.  Players’ portfolios will compete head-to-head, to show off their skill at picking top performing cryptocurrencies. The winner is the player with the highest return on their hypothetical investment.

Check out this video for a quick walk-through…

Users can climb the levels and reach new ranks in order to unlock new game styles and cryptocurrencies. This will slowly introduce players to the vast universe of crypto. Only the most skilled players can be found competing in games at the elite ranks…

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Our mission: To offer you the chance to experience cryptocurrency, competing within a global friendly community. If you’re new to crypto and perhaps not proficient trading in financial markets – remember learning from your mistakes can be expensive. There’s no actual crypto buying and selling on Red Fog, but you’ll get to experience what all the talk is about….

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You can update your account information and settings from your profile page.  Click the pencil icon next to your avatar.

It’s free to sign-up!  To get in on the action first create an account here. Once you’re registered, go ahead and join the next game!

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Crypto 101

The internet is the backbone of cryptocurrency. To make crypto illegal first requires a global treaty between major governments around the world to agree to shut down the web. Crypto is no more likely to disappear than email is likely to be replaced by regular mail.
Highly improbable… but no one can rule it out.

ICO’s (initial coin offering) share at least one commonality with IPO’s you may have heard mentioned in the stock market equivalent (initial public offering) early stage investor funding.

There are more than 2,000 individual cryptocurrencies available. New coins and tokens are being created almost every day.

The price of a coin or token on a given day may, depending on the beholder, appear inexpensive or overpriced. ‘Value’ is a really just the opinion in financial markets. When buyers and sellers meet on an exchange where crypto is traded the collective opinions of both buyers and sellers determine the price.

Basically, its supply and demand.

Crypto is digital currency built on top of the internet.

One difference to traditional currencies like the Euro or US Dollar?  Crypto is not run by a Central Bank or Federal Reserve, rather the people (users) on the network.

Bitcoin for instance has a global computing network behind it with more computing power than the top 9000 super-computers combined. Yet all that computational power is spread across millions of individual machines (called ASIC’s).

Crypto Cloud

Red Fog has developed the CRYPTO CLOUD for individual and professional investors looking for an advantage.

Subscribers can tap into a suite of advanced, market analytics offered on CRYPTO CLOUD to power their investment decisions.

Our performance and risk measures were developed over several years, continually tested, and evolve to stay relevant with the rapidly advancing marketplace.

Crypto YouTube Alert

Provided you have created a Red Fog account you can download the full report for free at

Red Fog’s Crypto YouTube Report can help you better understand the variations in performance and volatility of cryptocurrencies featured on the top channels.


While the performance is purely hypothetical, our YouTube Fog Report provides greater insight on the most influential social media personalities in cryptocurrency.

The Crypto YouTube Report, launched May 1 2019, tracks the historical coin ‘likes’ given on the most popular cryptocurrency channels. Researchers at Red Fog created synthetic crypto portfolios for each channel having watched hundreds of hours of videos, noting any coin likes/dislikes. We then computed the performance of each YouTuber based on their hypothetical positions.

Fog Tokens

Head over to the store where you can purchase token refill packs.  Get back in the action and continue your climb up the leaderboard to win prizes!

Players are given free Fog Tokens upon registration.  So dive straight into the games!

Daily login rewards are available on your personal profile page.

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Also, you can earn even more free Fog Tokens by referring a friend!  Send them your unique affiliate link and you’ll be gifted Tokens for each friend that joins.

Fog Tokens are the native currency used to enter Red Fog games.  

Fog Tokens are the native currency used to enter Red Fog games

Players can accumulate Fog tokens to level up and unlock new game styles, coins or prizes.  Fog Tokens cannot be redeemed for real money.

Game Rules

No, since our games use price data sourced from multiple global exchanges in real-time. Live market data is used for the start and end coin prices, all verifiable through public sources. This means players cannot know the final price of any given coin/token until the game finishes.

Additionally, Red Fog has specific criteria governing which cryptocurrencies are eligible for inclusion in our games. For example; coins must exceed a minimum daily volume threshold – designed to prevent the unlikely scenario a player bids up a cryptocurrency on a live marketplace to increase the price in an attempt to win a game.

Red Fog’s games are powered by live-streaming data sourced from CryptoCompare. The opening prices for each coin are computed using a global average of 90 crypto exchanges, giving our games reliable and up-to-date traded rates. There are systems in place to remove irregular prices, so the challenges are governed by the most comprehensive data available.

Game winners are determined based on a number of entries. More entries will result in more people that earn Fog. The higher you finish in the game, the more you win!


Non-fungible tokens store identifying data in their smart contracts that makes them unique. Every NFT represents a particular real-world asset and cannot be directly converted to and from another token.

NFT stock image


Navigate to your profile page.  Once there edit your preferences and uncheck the option to receive Red Fog news and game alerts.

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Yes!  We will add shipping costs to all non-digital prize items for deliver to your region.

Fog Tokens can be used by players to unlock new game styles, avatars, or redeem for prizes in the Store.

Please note Fog Tokens cannot be converted into to cash or redeemed for real money.

Fog Tokens can be used to claim prizes!
Win free Bitcoin merchandise
Redeem your Red Fog Tokens for store prizes such as PlayStation decals
Win a Ledger NanoX playing Red Fog
Redeem your Red Fog Tokens for prizes like this Bitcoin hip flask
CryptoPanic one year PRO membership
Win a TV playing Red Fog
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Win a TV playing Red Fog
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