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RED FOG Fantasy Crypto is now a Global phenomenon!
Compete against players in worldwide leagues.
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How to Join a Fantasy Crypto Game

It's Easy to Get Started in a just a few minutes...

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    Sign up for free then visit to your player profile

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    Click Play then click on an upcoming contest

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    Pick your favorite coin(s) based on the game rules

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    Play more to rank up, earn Fog Tokens, and claim prizes from the store

Monitor your campaign progress, token balance, results, and redeem prizes
Multiple game formats are available
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Benefits of playing Fantasy Crypto Games

Red Fog gives you exposure to crypto without holding coins

Risk-free simulated crypto trading games

Gain even when crypto markets are down

Gain knowledge of markets

Win prizes in global tournaments

Win prizes in global tournaments

Freemium games means no commitment

Free-to-play games with no commitment

Don't need to place 1st to earn tokens redeemable for prizes

Don't have to win to earn awards!

Show off your crypto skills on Red Fog

Show off your crypto skills

Play-to-Earn Red Fog Tokens

Fog Tokens won in games can be exchanged for prizes
Win free Bitcoin playing Red Fog
$100 worth of Bitcoin
11,500 Fog Tokens
Redeem your Red Fog token winnings for a flatscreen TV in the prize store
Samsung 55" UHD 4K Smart TV
38,000 Fog Tokens
Win Gift Cards when you earn tokens playing Red Fog trading games
$100 Amazon Gift Card
11,000 Fog Tokens

Recent Results

Winner of $100 Amazon Gift Card
1st Place: Level 1 Challenge
Earned 500 Fog Tokens with a 1.92% Return

Player Reviews

"Red Fog is a whole new way to experience to cryptocurrency markets.
It'll have as big of an impact as DraftKings did with sports."
"Really a great idea. You can learn about crypto while playing."​
"Red Fog is awesome. A group of us started hopping into weekly challenges a couple of months ago and it's a blast.
Red Fog is a great way to test my portfolio and discover new coins along the way.
Highly recommend!"
"I won $100 and learned about cryptocurrency at the same time.
Now a few of my buddies are online as well."​

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