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Where is Bitcoin Legal?

What is Cryptocurrency?

Crypto = money version 2.0What is Bitcoin?

Simply put it’s a digital-form of cash.
Regular old cash is also digital, when viewing your online bank statement or ATM balance.
As the internet did to textbooks, cryptocurrency is modernizing traditional paper money.

Crypto is here to stay!

Cryptocurrency disappearing is about as likely as email being replaced by regular mail.

The nearest bank is now your phone.

Yes, you can run your own private bank. It only closes if your phone runs out of battery, or you have no means to access the internet.


Cryptocurrency adoption is growing. The use cases are manyWhat is crypto used for?

Development teams of crypto projects are creating brand new applications of which blockchain is an example. Some coins provide greater security compared with cash, near zero fees, with added privacy. Other coins are designed for everyday use to buy and sell things, or peer-to-peer transactions to send and receive currency, quickly and inexpensively.
Now you have exciting new alternatives to traditional cash.

Cryptocurrency riskNote: Cryptocurrency may be too risky for you

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