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Brief Explanation of Cryptocurrency

Crypto = money version 2.0

Simply put it’s a digital-form of cash. Like regular old cash when seen on your bank statement or ATM display. As the internet did to textbooks, cryptocurrency offers us a choice besides the traditional paper money.
Crypto is no more likely to disappear than email is likely to be replaced by regular mail. The nearest bank is now your phone. So now your bank only closes with a flat battery and no alternate means to access the web.

Cryptocurrency adoption is growing, and the use cases are many

Crypto offers near instant transfers to the other side of the world. Some coins provide greater security compared with cash, near zero fees, or a degree of privacy. Some coins or tokens are creating brand new applications of which blockchain is an example.

Now you have exciting new alternatives to traditional cash. Some cryptocurrencies help buy and sell things, send and receive currency to practically anyone they wish instantly and inexpensively.

Cryptocurrency may be too risky for you