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In a fog of ignorant bliss, most people are unaware digital currency is being used as a form of global money...
and it's called cryptocurrency.

Blockchain Game Alliance welcomes Red Fog as a new member

Blockchain Game Alliance, Dec 16, 2021
Red Fog joins the Blockchain Game Alliance

The Blockchain Game Alliance is an organization committed to promoting blockchain within the game industry.
Our goal is to spread awareness about blockchain technologies and encourage adoption by highlighting their potential to foster new ways to create, publish, play, and build strong communities around games.

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Red Fog joins the Content Authenticity Initiative to address digital misinformation

Content Authenticity Initiative, Nov 16, 2021
Red Fog joins the Content Authenticity Initiative

The Content Authenticity Initiative is a group of creators, technologists, journalists, and activists leading the global effort to address digital misinformation and content authenticity.

The CAI is focused on promoting and providing an open, cross-industry approach to media transparency so people across the internet can be better evaluate content provenance.

Red Fog joins a high-profile list of member companies that include; AlphaWallet, Minted, Nikon, BBC, Getty, Microsoft, The New York Times, Qualcomm, Rarible, Adobe, Twitter, NFTb and MATTR.

The CAI was announced by Adobe in 2019 in partnership with Twitter and the New York Times.

How do you prevent fakes in NFT marketplaces?
The CAI proposes a solution: combining the attribution standards built through the Content Authenticity Initiative with the token provenance inherent in NFTs. In the open standard the CAI has been building, a creative work has cryptographically verifiable, tamper-evident metadata attached to it with claims about who created that asset and how it was created or edited.

How CAI code can protect creators in an NFT world
How CAI code can protect creators in an NFT world
Image source: CAI

Today, an NFT contract links to the underlying digital art, but the file of the digital art doesn't tell you anything verifiable about its provenance. By utilizing CAI attribution standards, we can now do both. The NFT continues to show token provenance, but now the digital art itself has tamper-evident, cryptographically verified artwork provenance.

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Red Fog awarded 'Best Crypto Exchange Simulations Provider 2021'

Wealth & Finance International, Oct 10, 2021
Red Fog awarded Best Crypto Exchange Simulations Provider in 2021

Wealth and Finance announced the opening of the inaugural Cryptocurrency Awards in July 2021, where the tireless efforts of cryptocurrency professionals from across the globe are recognised and rewarded.

A panel of judges awarded Red Fog the number one app and crowned as: Best Crypto Exchange Simulations Provider 2021

The Cryptocurrency Awards celebrate innovation and excellence by awarding companies and key individuals across the industry. Open to the whole market we considered crypto projects, exchanges, applications, data mining, blockchain experts, crypto fund managers, and service providers to the industry.

Each nominee in the Cryptocurrency Awards was assessed based on their achievements over the past 12 months by our in-house panel of judges. The assessment was centred around the evaluation of skills and quality of services on offer. The wider market reputation of each nominee was taken into consideration during our extensive research process.

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These are the Top Finance Companies in Chicago for 2021

Welp Magazine, Jan 6, 2021
Welp Magazine's top picks for the best Chicago based Finance companies

Red Fog was nominated as one of 2021's Top Finance Companies in Chicago by Welp Magazine. We select startups for exceptional performance in the categories of Innovation, Growth, Management, and Social Impact.

Red Fog Launch ‘Crypto Celebrity Indicator’ Tracking Popular YouTube Channels

Red Fog crypto on Medium, Jul 1, 2019
Red Fog Launch ‘Crypto Celebrity Indicator’ Tracking Popular YouTube Channels

The number of subscribers is not a reliable determinant of how proficient the channel's host is at identifying cryptocurrency investment opportunities.

Crypto 'newbs' tend to gravitate to YouTube as a key resource to learn about the market, different coins and investment strategies. Unfortunately some people are misguided and make investment choices solely on the basis of a short video, without conducting their own research.
While the performance is purely hypothetical, our YouTube Fog Report provides greater insight on the most influential social media personalities in cryptocurrency.

Red Fog will continue to monitor these channels over time and bring you updates.

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Can ‘fantasy crypto games’ educate the market?

Red Fog, May 2, 2019
Introducing Red Fog Daily Fantasy Crypto

It's foreseeable that simulated crypto tournaments will be the catalyst to crypto mass-adoption. Games like those offered on Red Fog, let people experience the cryptocurrency market by competing in free-to-play trading games against users around the world.

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