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A social cryptocurrency fantasy league.  Our mission is to help you learn about the market – whether you just heard of Bitcoin or you mentored Satoshi Nakimoto.

Red Fog games are LIVE NOW!

To get in on the action first create an account.  Once you’re registered go ahead and join the next game.  We look forward to seeing you on the field…

Fog Tokens are purchased by players to be used in our Fog games.  Players can accumulate Fog tokens to level up and unlock new game styles, coins or prizes. Fog Tokens cannot be redeemed for real money.

Game winners are determined based on number of entries. More entries will result in more people that earn Fog.  The higher you finish in the game, the more you win!

Red Fog’s games are powered by live streaming data sourced from CryptoCompare. The opening prices for each coin are computed using a global average of 150 crypto exchanges, giving our games reliable and up-to-date traded rates.  There are systems in place to remove irregular prices, so the challenges are governed by the most comprehensive data available.

Pick from a basket of coins to create a portfolio. Players’ portfolios will compete head-to-head, to show off their skill at picking cryptocurrencies.  The winner is the player with the highest return on their hypothetical investment.

Users can climb the levels and reach new ranks in order to unlock new game styles and cryptocurrencies. This will slowly introduce players to the vast universe of crypto.  Only the most skilled players can be found competing in games at the elite ranks…

The ‘Red Fog Large Cap Index’ takes our favorite coins to invest long-term, then combines their performance to provide an overall average.  Can you beat the Red Fog Index?

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