Daily Fantasy Crypto

Private League for Red Fog's NEW cash-based crypto games!

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Navigate to the sign up page from the link at the top of screen. It's free to create an account.  

All you need is a valid email address.

Enter your player name.  Choose an avatar.

Next, look out for a verification email.  Then click the link to finish the sign-up process.

You're all set!

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Grab some Red Cash

Red Cash is the in-game currency of Daily Fantasy Crypto.  It is used to enter a game and payout winners after the contest concludes.
Red Cash can be bought at the store.  We accept all major credit and debit cards, as well as Bitcoin.

Red Cash is the token used to enter Daily Fantasy Crypto games
      A fixed conversion rate of 100 Red Cash = $1 US dollar.

Choose a Game

Join a game from the game lobby. Games vary by the duration, buy in, number of coins you may select and the amount of Red Cash prize pool.

Each game has different parameters

The objective is to grow your hypothetical portfolio more than other players over the game duration.

Find the Winning Strategy

Determine the best strategy based on the game parameters and current market climate. There are several research tools to help you determine which cryptocurrencies offer the greatest potential.

Cryptocurrency analytics are provided by Red Fog Crypto Cloud Chart data is sourced from CryptoCompare News is sourced from CryptoPanic
Cryptocurrency analytics are provided by Red Fog Crypto Cloud
Chart data is sourced from CryptoCompare
News is sourced from CryptoPanic

Pay attention to the different use categories, the age of the coin/token, total market capitalization , and the underlying technology.

Understanding how these factors translate into characteristics of risk and return is the key to winning consistently.

Enter Your Picks

Having researched the field of available coins it's now time to submit your picks. First, add your favorite cryptocurrencies to your portfolio by clicking on the coin icon

coin list

Next, use the sliders to adjust the weight allocated to each coin. Essentially this sets your 'confidence level' of a coin versus others in your portfolio.

Note: weights must sum to exactly 100% before you can submit your picks.

choose confidence in selected crypto

Live Leaderboard

Once the game goes live, it is no longer possible to edit your picks and selections are locked.  Your portfolio performance (and position on the game ladder) hinges on the markets.

leader board

Red Fog player results are calculated in real time.  Click on a player name to see what cryptocurrencies they chose.

user coin selections

Data is sourced from cryptocurrency exchanges where trading takes place worldwide, every day of the year, 24/7.

Winning and Payouts

At the conclusion of the game winners are determined based on the total return of their hypothetical portfolio.

Red Fog cash game live leaderboard